Monday, May 09, 2005

Arrived Safely in Paris

We're here! Safe and Sound!

Rebekah Smith let's the world know she's happy in Paris.


Denise Carter said...

The top of the Tower looks wonderful. Have a grand time. Hope other pictures come through. Know the Carter's are thinking of all of you.
Wish we were there. Have a great time.
Mark, Denise, and Juliana Carter

Anonymous said...

Dr. Copeland, Please keep us posted, if you can. I know everyone is having a wonderful time!
Deborah Beck
(Kevin's mother)

Suzanne Scivley said...

Yea! You're there! Jen, I can't believe I missed your calls last night AND today. Look at everything REALLY HARD and take LOTS OF PICS.

Sing pretty. Have fun.

All my Love,
Mama Sciv (and Dad and Jessy and Crystal and Sophie)

Philip L. Copeland said...


Wow! That looks like a lot of fun. I remember when we were on our choir tour looking up at that tower. Hope you are having a great time. Things are fine here. We miss you!


Nick said...

Although I am not a mother/father/uncle etc...I wanted to see how it was going and it looks like y'all are doing great...just so you know I am interviewing at Bartlett High School next Tuesday...still wishing I was asking for baguettes really slow on Montmarte...have fun...later

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where's the bottom of La Tour Eiffel (and Rebekah for that matter)? Is the problem with my PC?

Anonymous said...

I am wih you in my heart. I love all of you and wish you the best. Be sponges and soak up all of this you can. Love to all Momma Ann
(Charles' real mom and everyone else that I have adopted's mom)

Ronnie Hendricks said...

Hey all,
I burned the recordings of you guys yesterday, and sat in my choir room, listening and wiping away the tears. I hope you're making wonderful memories this week. At this writing, you have already done your concert at the Notre Dame. I would have given anything to have been there.

Can't wait to talk to you, Maggie. Wish we'd remembered to buy an international phone card before you left!

Best of luck in the competition this weekend.

Ronnie (Maggie's dad)