Sunday, May 22, 2005

Top Moments of the Trip

Yesterday I was called out by Delia for not blogging enough.

I guess she's right; I've gone into a bit of a brain paralysis following the trip and I'm not quite ready to fully engage in life just yet. My top accomplishments of the past several days involved getting my jeep and van cleaned. And my clothes washed.

I had a great meal experience with Erin and Sarah after the early service yesterday. We rehashed parts of the trip and talked about some of the best moments of the trip. It seems that the universal best memories are, in no particular order:

1. Notre Dame concert experience
2. Outstanding performance in Paris suburb
3. Moment when Ms. Reynolds yelled for the choir to get back upstairs for an encore following the Thursday night performance in the Paris suburb.
4. Second competition set: Selig, Lux, ITYJ

Biggest surprise (according to Erin/Sarah): that we didn't win

I definitely felt that we were the favorites following the first night of the competition. Several judges made comments afterwards that seemed to confirm this suspicion. However, I felt our momentum wane on the second day.

Biggest surprise for me: that we won an interpretation award on Radiosfer and not Spleen. Why Radiosfer surprised me:

1. we changed a French pronunciation 30 minutes before singing for the judges. (OK, maybe it was 120 minutes.
2. major articulation changes two days before the competition
3. a French lady in the Thursday night concert could not tell that we were singing in French on that particular selection

Does it matter now? Nope.
Am I proud of the award? ABSOLUTELY. There were 16 other choirs that could have been awarded that particular prize.

To all those who blog: please keep it up. I'm enjoying reading about your trip reflections.


Katie Mo said...

This trip has left me with WITHDRAWALS!
people withdrawals
nutella withdrawals
sandwiches with egg withdrawals
hot chocolate withdrawals!

and also, cold weather. it's HOT down here. the high yesterday was 98. ack.

Nick said...

I love hearing about all the cool stories everyone has...but I can understand your not blogging for a while...its exhausting travelling there and back...later

Clayton said...

Hey nick... your MOM is exhausting!!! HAAAAAAAAAAA!

Nick said... was Stephanie...hahahah