Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fox News 6 @ 10:00 pm

We will be on the news tonight On Fox 6. Hope you are watching! It should be on in a few minutes. Scott Richards, the anchor, was VERY nice about everything. I'm new fan of Fox 6 and Scott Richards.

Update:Well, we were on! Only about 20 seconds but we made the news and sounded great. Hey --How long has my hair been gray?


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaahhh! I missed it. :-(
Did you record it by any chance?


Holly Jean said...

I never noticed that your hair was gray. How'd we look?
See ya in sectionals!

Chris R. said...

The sound was great. Some of you looked like you would have rather been anywhere but there. And Copeland, I'd suggest some of that Just for Men five minute stuff to cover up that gray.

Suzanne Scivley said...

Gray hair
triplets at home
choir kids at work
Many blessings = gray hair
Trust me
Just look at me
-Momma Sciv

Sarah LH said...

i've always thought it was kind of salt-and-pepper...