Thursday, May 26, 2005

New Flickr Account

Check out my new Flickr account for my Paris pictures.


Lauren Davidson said...

That's it only 8 pictures?? i KNOW you took a whole lot more than that...i want to see them all! oh yeah, by the way, i have a blog now...if you read it you'll know why...feel free to visit it, i can't promise anything (i think that's what delia's is called...whoops) see ya

Bekah said...

Dr. C, your girls are amazingly adorable, really! Yeah, and we need more of those France pics, I know there are more, haha! I hope you're doing good...I'll get my choir dress to you ASAP, promise! I'm still messed up from wisdom teeth surgery..gettin better though. Why am I sharing personal info over this thing? Don't know. Sorry...umm yeah, see ya!