Saturday, May 14, 2005

Arrived in Tours! First round later today

Greetings again:

We have arrived in Tours and will begin the competition later today. The choir is a combination of excited, tired, and nervous. I gave them a "you don't have to be nervous about anything" talk last night and will do my best to motivate them to give their top performance today.

Our accommodations remind me a little of Camp Sumatanga: more like a dorm room than a hotel --- but the college students seem to roll with that punch rather well.

We are most nervous about the dead acoustic on the stage; it will not let us hear what we are used to hearing when we perform or rehearse. The solution is to sing the way you were rehearsed and to follow the director at all times--so I hope that I am able to hear everything I need to hear and make the proper adjustments when needed!

Everyone is happy and already talking about a trip next year overseas: we are really having a wonderful time. Thank you for all the support you give these fine students, it is highly valued by both student and professor.


Nick said...

You guys will be great...and from the looks of it the choir will get to meet some people from all over...I found the program on the Florilege website...also I noticed one of your jury members was that miskynis(sp) guy that composed your ave maria...really cool...ok I will be thinking of you all and Godbless...time to show em whats up in France...peace out

Suzanne Scivley said...

I wish I could be there to hear you! I keep going to Jen's website and cranking up the volume to listen to her recording of the UAB choir. I'm sending you all my love, good wishes and prayers.

After reading Nick's post, I went to the Florilege website. I'm really kicking myself for only taking one year of French in college (and not really APPLYING myself, at that)! I can tell enough, though, to see how really BIG this is.


Mama Sciv