Thursday, May 12, 2005

They Wouldn't Stop Clapping

Greetings, home team!

Thanks for all your comments and I'm glad to say again that everyone is safe, sound, and happy. Occasionally grumpy from a combination of jet lag and late nights, but happy.

We sang a concert at a small catholic church in the Paris suburbs tonight and had a marvelous experience.

First, the choir felt great about their singing and I did too.

Several of the comments I've given them all year are beginning to ring true:
  • I have told them the entire year that they would get better every day, especially as the competition neared.
  • I told them that the concert audience in Europe would be incredible.
  • I accurately described the "chant clap" that the audiences used when they really enjoyed a performance.
Tonight was an amazing evening and special experience. The audience clapped with gusto after all of our pieces, especially "I Thank You Jesus" (and Maggie said that she'd never sung that note so loud--the altos on the row in front of her agreed.)

At the end of the concert, the choir left the auditorium and headed downstairs into the holding area where we began congratulating each other on our performance. The girls took off their shoes and the guys removed their jackets. About 3 or 4 minutes had passed since our last note.

Suddenly, Ms. Dale Reynolds appeared at the door and said in a loud voice "GET BACK UP THERE, THEY HAVEN'T STOPPED CLAPPING YET-----SING SOMETHING ELSE!!!!"

We were stunned that they were still applauding--it just didn't seem like it could be true.

And . . . well, the truth is, we really didn't have anything else but we had to do something, didn't we?

Hurriedly, we got to the stage, only this time we didn't proceed in an orderly manner. Those that were completely dressed took the stage first and then the rest followed. We performed one of the songs that we sang in the fall semester (See What the End is Going to Be) and followed it with Praise to the Lord. We had run through PTL a couple of times but hadn't touched the first one for at least three months.

Luckily, the choir pulled them off, and quite well I'm proud to say.

It was a great evening and a night to remember.

We're headed to the competition tomorrow. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!! WISH I WAS THERE....thanks for keeping the "home team" updated! What an incredible experience. Thank you for the love and leadership Dr. are absolutely an awesome individual. I think we will adopt you! Have a great time and good luck in the don't need, but good thoughts, luck,love and prayers :>) Sing your hearts out!
Debbie Movelle

Nick said...

That is so great for everyone to finally see what its like to sing in Europe and be appreciated so much...I am excited for everyone and I am so happy everyone is doing well...Kevin actually called me at what was 4pm here and was blown away by the audience guys are in my thoughts, my prayers, and my heart will be with you wishing I could sing with you...God Bless and sing the you know what outta that music...GO UAB CONCERT CHOIR...

Philip L. Copeland said...

My heart soars with excitement for all of you. What a great experience to proprel you into the competition. It seems as if you are peaking as a choir at just the right time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Enjoy, experience, and win!


Deborah Beck said...

What a wonderful experience! Now the French know too what we've known all GREAT the UAB Concert Choir is!I'm glad everyone is having a wonderful trip and all are happy and safe. My prayers will be with you as you continue this wonderful journey. Good luck with the competition. Thanks Dr. Copeland for keeping us informed. Deborah Beck

Thom Savage said...

Rebekah managed to get me addicted to the crazy choir madness months back via her "learning CDs" with the music for competition. When I actually heard the choir in person for the first time, it was ASTOUNDING. Every person in that choir deserves the kind of affirmation that you're receiving over there!

(By the way... Rebekah Smith is amazing.)