Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lauren Considers Kevin

Originally uploaded by philipco.
I'm attempting to blog within Flickr. Pretty cool if it works.

Update: It works. this should be fun!

I'll try to post more photos very soon or the Flickr account.

The best are likely to appear here.


Nick said...

Great candid shot...Laurens Frustration with Kevin seems more appropriate...I am loving these pictures

Lauren Davidson said...

considers?? i think i'm with nick on this one copeland hehe

Bekah said...

Wow, what a great picture! I had SUCH a great time in France! aah!! I don't think Lauren REALLY feels this way about Kevin now does she? muuahahaha

Lauren Davidson said...

rebekah joy!!!!! haha and what did you mean by THAT comment?? hmmmmmmm haha