Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Great recording session today

Made some great music today. I was able to get it into my computer and it is available here for download. Overall, they are great recordings and I think we have found our new recording home. The levels are set too high in a couple of places so there is distortion, but I think you will like what you hear. We'll hit these again tomorrow and also the rest. Great work today, gang.

The files are in MP3 format but rather large because I gave them a pretty high bitrate. Translation: it will take you a while to download them if you have a slow connection.

Selig 1
Selig 2
I Thank
He's Got
Redz Kur


Nick said...

Dear Choir,
Amazing sounds permiate from your recordings. I am really proud of how well you guys have progressed from October(when I first heard you) to's stunning in many places. You all are going to be great in Tours, and just remember sparkle and spunk...or whatever the UAB says now...I wish you all the best and if you win somebody better email me or call or something...have a really safe trip and kick some francophone tail...peace out yall

Anonymous said...

Dr. Copeland,
You might want to check your song links. You flip-flopped the titles for Mate Saule and Redz Kur. I also had a hard time getting the songs to play. When I clicked the links, the screen that came up just had the quicktime logo. (I was finally able to hear them b/c my lil' bro took a long way around to get them to open--basically a lot of copying and pasting). For the people who don't have a resident computer pro, you might want to try adjusting the access links.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Copeland,
I think that this is coolest thing ever. I just got back from Tim's bachelor party, got on the blog, (12:58 a.m.) and I'm listening to our stuff thinking, wow!! This is us. I am gonna rip all this stuff off and burn it on a cd in a few minutes just so I can brag to everyone I meet in KY this summer how kick arse our choir is!!!!

Anyways, Happy Cinco De Mayo Guys
Dr. Carter. :)

Anonymous said...

One more quick post. More of a question. This stuff is real quiet on my computer. Any suggestions?? Perhaps maybe you could just burn us all a cd Dr. Copeland.. Anywho, pleasant dreams


Ryan Kelly said...


I enjoyed listening to your recordings very much. I do know they're not for public-public consumption, but I do agree that we caan learn from each other's recordings. My choir took a short tour to New Orleans a week ago. One of the best times of the trip, in my opinion, was when we visited Southeast Louisiana University and observed part of their choir rehearsal. It was a rehearsal of course, and everything wasn't perfect. But, it was inspiring for my singers (and for me) to hear their singing, watch their conductor, observe their rehearsal process, etc. I almost thingk that's more useful than hours of near-perfect performance at ACDA conventions. I'd much rather visit various rehearsals and see how they rehearse.

Anyways, that's why I referenced your recording sessions...hopefully to inspire my singers as they listened to another choir. Hope that was ok!

Good luck on your Paris trip. I know you'll enjoy it!

Alex & Laura Beth said...

Wow! Salmo sounds amazing! SUch a difficault song to pull off... and you guys do it beautifully!