Monday, May 30, 2005

Perfect Love III

Perfect Love III
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This is perhaps the best photo I've ever taken of the girls to date. At least, the loving father thinks that right now. Leigh and I had just arrived back to my parent's home following the final night of my 20th class reunion this past weekend. The girls had crawled up into the bed by themselves . . Caroline first . . . and then went to sleep this way.

My mom said Caroline went to sleep first; Claire and Catherine kissed her cheek and patted her head in a loving way before laying down beside her in the position above.

For those who don't know the girls well, they are laying in this order:
Catherine, Claire, and Caroline. They are triplet girls, about to turn two. Catherine and Claire are identical twins and Caroline is their fraternal sister. Chances of this type of birth: 1 in 2 million.


Holly Jean said...

Wow, you updated while I was online. How cool is that? (Okay, I'm a little bored.) But! Alas!

This is a lovely picture. It made me smile. Sisters (even if they fight like my sister and i) can be some of the closest people in the world...We generally take care of each other when the other's not looking...Mom told me once that "Your sister is the closest link to your past." I like that.

Katie Mo said...

that is a picture to blow up and frame to show future prom dates :)

it's beautiful.
happy almost-birthday to the triplets!

delia said...

beautiful...they are growing up so fast. charles and i were just talking yesterday about going to sing for leigh in the hospital after our end of the year party in 2003, it is amazing how fast life really goes...anyway, i know you are both so proud...

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! I'm chilling over in ol' Bardstown, (In the One Room public Library, at the only place in the city with internet) I just wanted to drop everyone a quick hello. Things are great here, I got cast as Kenickie's Understudy in Grease (The Real Kenickie played the part last year), and Dunning Foster (Stephen's Older Brother) in Stephen Foster. Also, I've already learned how to a back-handspring, and met some cool friends. Anyways, I just wanted to make sure everyone else was doing ok too! I will see you guys later, and if you get bored come up to KY and see the show!

-Chris Carter