Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Clay is a classy guy

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Clay impressed me tonight. I visited the Hewitt-Trussville blog and found this comment from Clay to their choir:

HTH Choir,
You guys really amazed me the other day when you came to visit us at UAB. Having come up through Mortimer Jordans Choir program with Margaret Heron, I know a good high school choir and you guys are it! You sounded wonderful! My favorite thing about you is that you have fun with the music you perform. Mr. Cummins is doing a great job with you guys and it is evident that you are learning alot from him. God bless you all!

It is a special college student to take a moment to publicly affirm a visiting choir in such a nice way. Our choir is filled with people like Clay: thoughtful, respectful, kind, and talented.

Way to go.


Nick said...

To continue complimenting Clay...its means a lot to my students for a college singer, especially one who they remember from Jefferson County choral events,to compliment them...I really appreciate all the kind words and am so grateful for having such a great friend...cant wait for the concert...

Clayton said...

Thanks for the compliments guys. I just understand that is important to maintain a connection with students when you are in a position where they may look to you for guidance or a correct example. Thinking back to my high-school days, I would have wanted someone to compliment me on an outstanding showing or performance. I just try to treat newcomers, freshmen and high schoolers like I wanted to be treated when I was in there position. Thanks again!