Monday, October 03, 2005

What I've been reading

A couple of random things for those that drop by:

1. Choir member Keith Kendrick has a new blogsite. I've been subscribing to his site for some time. Somehow, I get all of Keith's posts on bloglines. . . even the ones that he deletes. Interesting, eh Keith? And I think you delete some of your best stuff. Seriously.

2. There is an article about academic blogging in The Chronicle of Higher Education. A few words from that article:
But to dismiss blogging as a bad idea altogether is to make an enormous mistake. Academic bloggers differ in their goals. Some are blogging to get personal or professional grievances off their chests or, like Black, to pursue nonacademic interests. Others, perhaps the majority, see blogging as an extension of their academic personas. Their blogs allow them not only to express personal views but also to debate ideas, swap views about their disciplines, and connect to a wider public. For these academics, blogging isn't a hobby; it's an integral part of their scholarly identity. They may very well be the wave of the future.

Now, this certainly is not an academic blog. This is a group building blog, I'd say. It is primarily intended for the members of our UAB Concert Choir and those that want to keep up with it. It's also for the purpose of supplying to the choral community various rants, thoughts, and textual translations.

3. I've felt a little guilty about not writing anything since last Friday, and then I read this post somewhere else:
I've been getting a lot of email asking why I haven't been posting more. "Isn't this a blog?" one asks. "Aren't you supposed to be writing posts every day?"

Fathering, teaching, and writing duties have kept me from posting. Sorry for that - but there's more than enough to read out there, already. I'd like to save this space for when I've really got something to say. Being obligated to post every day would mean having to pull something out of my butt, no matter what. Imagine if people only wrote stuff down when they really felt like it? Because they had something they needed to share?

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