Friday, September 30, 2005

Found: Luke's Blog

Luke, welcome to the blog world.

Choir, welcome Luke.

Technorati is a great thing, eh?

He has the greatest opening post that I've seen:

I had absolutely no idea what this "blogging" stuff was until my choir director introduced me. I think it's a really useful and interesting tool and a great way to communicate with not only friends but also the world. This will be a beginning to me making my mark in this world and letting my voice be heard, or read, by those willing to listen.

And later, he says nice things about all of you:

I have the privilege of singing with some amazingly talented people who all love music and want to be the best at what they can do. I anxiously await out first performance where I will no longer be sitting in the audience listening joyfully but rather standing on stage lifting my voice in unison and showing an audience how lucky I am to be a part of this choir. As cheesy as this entry may sound, I feel the need to express my gratitude and excitement. UAB Concert Choir ROCKS!

A great guy, that Luke.


Luke's Blog said...

Well well well. I guess you found me Copeland. I actually just got started with this so pardon my amateur blog. It will get better with time and experience right?

Marybeth Verchot said...

I wish you'd let me call you Big T, Dr. Copeland.