Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Randomness and a Good Rehearsal

I'd say things are going very well thus far this year. The choir is sounding great and learning their music. The new people are all contributors and there is a good "feel" to this group. Music is learned quickly and mistakes are, in general, fixed in a timely manner.

My ability to find the weaknesses in the group is starting to pick up, and it is beginning to center around thin/spread vowels: particularly the EE sound but also in various pronunciations of words like then (thehn, not thin) and a few other examples I can't think of right now. As always, the biggest gain in quality from the group will be at the individual level . . . as a group we are doing well . . . it is when we fix individual mispronunciations or spread vowels that this choir will really begin to reach it's potential.

Some other things I really liked today:
  • low C in the basses at end of Cantate Domino: fabulous.
  • the sound of "orbis terra" when we sing soft
  • leadership throughout the choir when they offered up their sections shortcomings on "If I Can Help" (i'm most worried about the Alto line on hep, hep, hep somebody)
  • Andrew Granlunds facial expressions and energy when prompted
Things I wonder about:
  • Does the choir have more volume in them during the huge place in If I Can Help
  • Can we find enough dynamic variation in the same song . . . exploring p to f
  • Am I going to have to speak to a choir member or two about coming in after the beginning of class
I'm also happy that most students are calling me when they are going to be late and when they are going to miss class . . . and they are doing it before they miss, not afterwards. NOW, if I can just instill in the group the ability not to miss or be late at all . . . I will have reached ChoirDirectorNirvana.


Clayton said...

Dynamic Variation? Yeah we've got more. But I think it takes more energy to vary dynamics throughout the song than it does to sing one song ff and still have the same energy in our consonants and so forth. I believe we have more sound. We just have to tap into it. If we make If I Can Help Somebody more personal to our individual selves, maybe we can pour some more energy into the song. I think we sound great and I am pumped about this new year!

Keith said...

I still say we will "lock it in" if we will all schedule sectional practice times before or after choir. Would only take 15 to 30 mins of life and I know I did best last year after those times.

Nick said...

As an outside observer and choral director, I noticed that the sound has much more energy than last year. There were moments in your rehearsal that were simply stunning. Every year is seems UAB Concert Choir surpasses the last, even with 35% new people per year. That is amazing and you guys were really moving me in your rehearsal. I had a couple of near tearful moments during the Liebau...great job UAB

Katie Mo said...

haha, glad you're worried about that - so are WE! :)

Marybeth Verchot said...

Hey, make Whitney sing the solo. She keeps saying she wants to and when I ask her to tell you she gives me funny looks.

Completely and totally unrelated, yes, but. . .

Katie Mo said...

Maybe tomorrow we could sing the hep hep hep part with the Soprano ones? that's the part that feels like it clashes the most with our part, and it's all we can hear when the choir sings as a whole. We did it fine alone and with the seconds and tenors but when the sopranos come in, it's a lot harder.
Yes, I was thinking about it in the shower :) haha