Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I was impressed with your work today, choir. The progress seemed slow at first on the Busto #1 but it was really coming together at the end.

On the Busto #2 things were really clicking on the last run-through. Memorize it! Get away from the music ASAP.

New formation for the Over Hill was quite interesting. If you watch Chanticleer in concert, they change formations for every number--or at least, that is what I remember from their last concert. They group themselves into whatever makes the most sense for whatever song they are performing--and it is extremely effective.

Mr. Berg was an observer for this part of the rehearsal and seemed to agree. We'll tweak what we did today and perhaps experiment with other formation possibilities with our music.

Have any ideas?

I'm listening . . .

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Andy said...

I've never heard the entire choir sing (or any choir that I've been in) before. It's a totally new prospective and it definately works.