Sunday, September 04, 2005

I just love this pic

Originally uploaded by philipco.
I don't remember the occasion surrounding this photo, but it seems like Kevin always seemed to have this effect on Lauren--one way or the other.


Clayton said...

I miss ole kev-kev. Lauren and him should get married... at 25.

NBC Student Ministries said...

BREAKING NEWS: A Double Wedding!
Tom and Bekah & Kevin and Lauren

Miss you guys and Clay-Clay!


Lauren Davidson said...

Kevin! you weren't supposed to tell people about the wedding it was supposed to be a surprise! oops i guess the cats out of the bag now...surprise everyone! all you're former suspicions have been confirmed.. ;)

NBC Student Ministries said...

Copeland just can't restrain himself from match making!


Philip L. Copeland said...

Kevin announces a wedding and accuses me of matchmaking?

And clay: That.Was.Hilarious. (the 25 part)