Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Chanticleer in Huntsville Nov. 27

In the middle of their world tour, Chanticleer visits Alabama. I encourage you to try to make it . . . they are an incredible group and always give a fantastic concert.

03 Yokohama, Japan
Mitato Mirai Hall, 8:00PM
04 Fuji, Japan
Rose Theater, 8:00PM
06 Osaka, Japan
Symphony Hall, 8:00PM
08 Nagoya, Japan
Aichi Pref. Arts Theater, 8:00PM
09 Nagano, Japan
Hall TBA, 8:00PM
11 Tokyo, Japan
Opera City, 8:00PM
27 Huntsville, AL
Trinity Church Auditorium, 4:00PM
28 St. Louis, MO
Cathedral of St. Louis, 8:00PM
29 Cincinnati, OH
St. Peter in Chains Cathedral, 8:00PM

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