Thursday, September 22, 2005

For Jonathan

A master's student at Illinois State University is quite interested in blogging for choirs. I'm helping him out a bit with some of my thoughts and I told him that he should contact some of my students to get some of their thoughts on the matter.

From his email:
Of course for our research project I need a certain number of article sources and I have not been able to find any that relate specifically to music education. I have found plenty about educational uses for blogs but none that pertain to Mus. Ed. I guess i am sort of stuck.

I have shown to our choral director some of the blogs that you gave hyperlinks to. She seems very excited about the prospects. Since I am one of her grad. assts. I am sure that will be one of my projects shortly.
I'm giving him this link to a presentation I did on, among other things, blogging benefits for choirs. Warning, it is a large 10 MB file. (presentation i did last summer)

This is a link to my notes/slides from the National ACDA Convention presentation. The one this past summer talks more about the Tablet PC, my latest technological passion.



Holly Jean said...

I put a link to a Tagore bio and another to an interesting poem by him on my blog.

Ryan Kelly said...

Yep - you got me blogging for my college's choirs! Feel free to refer him to me if he wants to chat with any other directors who are blogigng.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan here,

I just wanted to thank you both for being so helpful. I will most definetly use any information I can get. Thank you very much!