Thursday, September 29, 2005

A prayer for Maggie


Please toss up a prayer for Maggie, the daughter of Rob Bushway. I follow his daily blog because he is a leader in the Tablet PC world . . . and because I follow his blog I've followed the trials and tribulations of his daughter Maggie.

I am always moved by Rob's struggles-he obviously loves his daughter deeply and she is experiencing seizures that doctors have been unable to stop. He is a man of tremendous faith and wrote about their singing of hymns tonight . . it is a beautiful picture in a terrible time of pain. Pray for Maggie and Rob . . .

He wrote these words in November 2004:

Written on the airplane on the way to Pittsburgh


My soul is worn
Yearning for sleep that doesn't come
Yet, my weariness is
Nothing like hers.

The conversations she has in her heart,
Pondering it all.

What has God whispered to her
During those dark, lonely nights.
The peace in her eyes is but a hint.

Surely, God has heard the
Cries of her heart,
And has answered her.

What does she say to Him
During those dark lonely nights?
The whisper of her heart
To God's ear is surely the
Sweetest of all sounds.


Anonymous said...

I just started to cry when I read aloud the words of the poem. A parent feels all the pain their child feels and often with much less faith. This young girl seems to be very strong, and her love and faith seems to hold her father together. It is wonderful, and I could read it everyday. I probably will.

Anonymous said...

The peace in her eyes is just a hint. Amazing. The only real peace in life comes from Him. As I have experienced first hand, life will hand you many tragedies. But for those with faith, you find out everything happens for a reason. This young child knows that. It took me a long time to understand. I wish sometimes that I could have more faith, that much faith. To trust that EVERYTHING will be ok. Times will be hard, but FAITH is all we need. I cried again. I will probably cry again. That's enough for tonight. I've been odd enough.

Clayton said...

Johnathan. im right there with ya bro.

Rob Bushway said...


Thank you so much for posting that. Thank you for reminding meOur family is so indebted to you all for praying for her.

Maggie is simply the most amazing little girl that God has created and sustained.

I'm sitting in ICU with her right now, preparing to flyout to St. Louis Children's Hospital on Sunday morning to hopefully begin the last leg of this journey.

God will soon let this pass from us...

Rob Bushway