Sunday, September 11, 2005

Busted? Well, not really . . .

Clay thinks he "busted" me by telling about my Technorati link. It's been there for months, of course . . . my bloglines subscriptions are all available to the right.

Here's the real secret, Clay: people tell me about the other blogs. "Betrayed by their own, as it were." Here is one email I got:

I've discovered another freshman blog (although I don't know if you've already discovered it)

And here is one from a comment . . . Whitney has Desta's blog.

But it is true . . . Technorati is a pretty neat service. Try it out!

1 comment:

Clayton said...

oh well,
It is a pretty neato site! I have found tons of people from high school on there. Very interesting stuff! One more thing, I have heard in the past that Maggs has a blog. If so, she keeps it very hush-hush.
Hope you all had a great weekend and ill see ya tuesday!