Thursday, September 22, 2005

3 weeks late for my 1-year anniversary

Somehow I missed my blogging-for-one-year anniversary. First post was on September 3, 2004. So, I'll pause for a moment and note that I've made 279 posts from then until today.


There, the anniversary has been celebrated. Thanks to all those who read and post comments. According to SiteMeter, I'm averaging about 113 visits a day and am about one day away from my 15,000th visit.

Thanks to all who frequent this site.

It is interesting, probably only to me, to review what I said in that first post about blogging:

1. My primary intent is to thoroughly reference some of the things that I talk about in rehearsal. I don't like to take alot of our precious rehearsal time to chase rabbits and tell stories even though a certain amount of that is important.
2. With the "comments" section, you can talk back to me (and discuss with others, of course) about the subjects I bring up.
3. I hope to use the vast online resources as well as my own webpage to help all of us learn more and reference information to make our music more meaningful to us.

Some of the goals have changed over times--nearly everything evolves, doesn't it? I've redefined the purpose of this blog . . . and will try to come up with a list of what I am trying to accomplish here these days through the blog.


Katie Mo said...

i just like it because it keeps us connected. Even if we don't have time to chat during the break, we still know what's going on with everybody and who needs a hug and who needs a congratulations! anyway. :) hurray free time! my paper is OVER! :)

Clayton said...

i agree with katie. I feel more connected to our blogging community than the rest of the choir. You guys are the people that I spend my time with outside of the classroom, besides my lovely fiance'. Yeah, the fact that we are all connected through our blogging community probably makes us uber geeks, but ill take that risk!

love to all,


Raul V said...

Amen to all

My sitemeter says i average 43 a day... you are beating me! well, you do have 2 choirs

Sam said...

Well, I like the blog. Being new, it's nice to have this kind of stuff around. Plus, it makes relationships a little more personal. It normally takes a while to do that, but not with this choir. You guys are all loveable and can't wait to be everyone's friends. Without sounding too much like a sap, I really like it at UAB....Ok, out of 1-10 that officially ranked like an 11 on the cheesiest comments ever-ometer. And yes I invented that word.