Sunday, September 25, 2005

Thinking about 2008

The UAB Choir made a great showing this past summer at the Tours festival. One of the results from participating in that festival was the invitation to perform at other competitions.

In June, I received an official invitation to sing at the 22nd Annual Bela Bartok Festival this summer 2006. Here was the invitation:

Dear Mr Copeland,

I congratulate you again for your excellent production on Florilege Vocal Tours 2005. I would like to recommend our next competition for your attention. The Bela Bartok International Choir Competition has an important place and a great respect in the international music life. I’m sure it will be a new challange for your choir to participate on our next BBCC in Debrecen/Hungary.

Please visit our web-site:

Hoping for your attention: József Balogh, Secretary of the BBCC

Isn't that nice? I wish that we had the funds to do something like that every summer at a reduced cost to students.

Unfortunately, the Bela Bartok competition is not held in 2007 but it is in 2008. So, I'm looking ahead to then. This year's freshmen would have just completed their junior year. Who knows, Erin Pair might still be around ruling the choir with an iron fist by then.

Just something to keep in our minds as we keep pressing forward to the tasks at hand!

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Clayton said...

what would it take to get the funds to do something every summer? Maybe we should talk about it in a fundraiser group meeting. Thanks "Mr." Copeland!