Thursday, September 15, 2005

Desta. Busted.

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Welcome to the blog world, James!

Great to have you aboard!

Answer: your big mouth.

Question: how did you find my blog?


Marybeth said...


Whitney said...

I second Marybeth's comment.

Desta said...

Oh man, you searched for the text that I sent you through email. Dr. Copeland, you have just made my whole week better; you are awesome.

Gregory, current male soprano, former tenor of Spirit of Ole Miss said...


When I think of all the time that we spent together abroad. In Spirit of Ole Miss. Me being gay. You being shocked.

Darling, it's good to have you in the blogosphere. I really must send Alex Ross a thank you note for reuniting us. I'm linked there, too. I wonder how on earth I missed you all this time.

Gregory Peebles,

Clayton said...
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Clayton said...

Welcome to the online community!!!

Katie Mo said...

The choir color of the year is: Covergirl Classic Red.
I have a sneaking suspicion that it is exactly the same color I hated in France, but oh well. Best we can do.

I wanted to announce this in case some people are afraid of cooties and want to buy their own.
I got two - a soprano lipstick and an alto lipstick. I will be bringing Qtips if that makes anyone feel more secure.

<3 The newly crowned: "Queen Strange"