Friday, October 07, 2005

Words from Dr. Gauld

You may have seen me talking with Dr. Gauld following our concert today. She passed along these words to me via email a few moments ago:

Thank the students for "enriching my soul" this afternoon. I needed to savor the beautiful music and the talented voices...not to mention the superb conductor!

In case you don't know her, she is a lover of choir music and a big supporter of our choir. We are fortunate to have her at UAB and I encourage you to meet her and get to know her the next time you see her. A classy lady.

And these words from Marybeth Verchot, from a comment a few moments ago:
I don't think I've ever performed in a choir that had that much energy during the first performance of the year, or for a small audience, and it was wonderful.

Both comments made my day. Thanks. It just gets better from here.


Clayton said...

Thats so cool. Our job is to communicate to people on the spiritual level and I believe we can all say that our mission was accomplished friday. It was so great singing to those people. I loved the more intimate atmosphere that a small audience and limited space provided.

My appologies to Dr. Gauld when she was talking to me as I was leaving. I couldnt hear a thing.


Katie Mo said...

Dr Gauld is awesome! I saw her at the Dragon March and she said that she greatly enjoyed our performance. I love that woman. I don't know that I could pick a face out of a choir our size, even though I am on the front row.