Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fantastic day

Tremendous rehearsal today. "Ever in my life" is coming along so well . . . thanks for your hard work, choir. I'm really looking forward to the concert.

Start spreading the word now . . . invite everyone you can. We want to sing to a packed house!


CarolineLSpears said...

When's the concert?

Nick said...

Dear UAB Concert Choir,
Thanks for the great reception and kind words about my choir. It was exciting to hear that great sound and for my students to see a rehearsal with intensity at all angles...a truly wonderful time for all of us and in some ways a recruitment like you would never believe...many of my students are going to go back to Auburn and Alabama and sit through rehearsals to see if thats really where they want to sing...great job and stunning chords...thanks so much

Jenny H said...

it was fun to hear my highschool sing!