Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Natalie Bergeron and Opera Birmingham

Natalie Bergeron, former member of Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, recently won the district level of the Met Auditions and placed second in the regionals. She placed behind Susanna Phillips, who went on to win the national competitions. She also recently placed third in Opera Birmingham's competition.

Natalie was a great student--very dedicated and a fabulous voice. I loved having her in choir and awarded her the 2002 Chamber Singer of the Year, my precursor award that is now entitled "Concert Singer of the Year."

Natalies advice to students of the art:

Music students should keep in mind that it's a profession that demands commitment. If you feel that music is an inherent part of you, then by all means pursue it. But don't expect it to be easy; this field requires a lifetime of perpetual study.

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