Sunday, October 23, 2005

Kevin gives a glowing review of concert . . .

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Kevin Beck, former UAB CC member, attended the concert on Thursday and sent me a wonderful email:

Dr. Copeland,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the concert! The performance was stunning and stellar! The choir walked out like they owned the stage, and after the first note they did! I love to sing and for a few seconds I missed it, but listening to one of the best choirs in the world was more rewarding than performing! The vowels and energy were great, but the dynamics and the musicianship of you and the choir were tremendous!!! I kept thinking about how much this choir has accomplished in three years, and how rewarding it is for you, the choir, and the listeners. I am so glad that I went to UAB for two years, and was apart of the UAB Concert Choir! Again, I thank you and the choir for blessing me in such a wonderful concert!

God Bless,

Kevin A. Beck


Charles said...

Thank you Kevin. It was nice to see you there. We miss you too...

Clayton said...

Thanks Kevin! I have a correction though... we actually owned the stage BEFORE the first note! God bless!!!

ms. mimi said...

Thanks Kevin, for those wonderful comments about the Women's Chorale! ;-) I thought they did great too (i'm just messing with u.)
Dr. Phil does make you feel proud to sing in a choir. Wish I could have been in Paris . . . still haven't seen the footage but evidently I was there in some form.
Nothin' but love for ya!