Sunday, January 23, 2005

Carnegie Hall: Spring 2006


It is time to share the secret I alluded to a couple of weeks ago.

Earlier this month, I received a letter from MidAmerica productions asking me to guest conduct in Carnegie Hall in Spring 2006. I could not believe it! And of course, I want to take my choir with me . . . do you want to go?

It is quite an opportunity, to be sure and I'm going to do my best to make it happen.

The reason for the incredible offer: they've heard about the great singing you've been doing for the past couple of years. And that is the truth.

MidAmerica had a gentleman working for them that used to be the Director of Choral Activities at Troy State University. He's now back in Alabama at Vestavia Hills Baptist Church (his name is Dr. Terre Johnson). Terre has been keeping up with the choral scene in Alabama and heard that we were doing exciting things at UAB--thus, the invitation to me.

I've spoken with Dr. Reynolds about it and he is all for the idea. If possible, we'll unite several choirs around Alabama and present the work at the Alys Stephens Center in Spring 2006 and then take everyone up to New York for a few days of fun and fabulous experiences.

For the concert to happen, 175 singers are needed. I would hope that about 50 or more could come from UAB. If you've got ideas about choirs and programs to investigate/encourage, let me know.

Carnegie Hall, like singing in Notre Dame Cathedral, is an incredible opportunity as well as a very high honor for all involved. Let me know what you think!


Clayton said...

Are high school choirs allowed to go? If so, I would have to throw in my homies from Morris, AL: the MORTIMER JORDAN CHAMBER CHOIR. Yes, you all remember them as the BEST high school choir at the Christmas at the Alys. Im a proud graduate!

If only college choirs are allowed, I really liked the sound of UNA at the collegiate choral festival.

Im pumped about this opportunity. King David was awsome tonight yall! God Bless

Chris R. said...

I'd have to agree with my collegue Clay on this one. If high school choirs can go, MJHS is the way to go. Perhaps JCCHS, too.

If we go, I do hope we can at least go see a show on Broadway while we're there (my personal pick would be Phantom of the Opera, but I'm on a Phantom kick right now anyway), as well as maybe visit Ground Zero, and all of us could end the day at Starbucks, looking over our music for our concert at Carnegie Hall (or just hanging out, whichever happens first).

Katie Mo said...

I <3 the computer lab.
Internet men possibly coming Thursday.

I just got an email from the almost-head of the English Department about my article in last week's K-scope! HOW COOL IS THAT?! Man, I am LOVED around this campus (hahaha)


oh yes, let's go. that would be incredible!

when i was a senior in high school we were supposed to go sing there as part of the memorial day shindig and we ended up singing at the "Olde Post Office." Man oh man is that a let-down. It's a mall. woo.

but !!! YES!!! LET'S GO!!! you have to ASK!? haha.

okay see ya tomorrow :)

Andrew G said...

Question: Do they have be college choirs just in Alabama or in the surrounding states? If we could get a choir from Florida, maybe we could get a choir from Florida State! Just a thought though. Yes we definatley need to go to New York. We would have such a fun time. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Rock de la Rock On.

Christie T said...


I'm a student at Lambuth University and one of Dr. Bernhardt's choir/voice students :) He told us to check out your here I am!

Anyway, if you're looking to take more singers to New should think about taking the Lambuth choirs :) we could all sing "Irish Blessing" together!Suggest it to Dr. B, he may be up to the idea!

Just thought I'd drop in and say hello! Happy singing!