Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Carnegie Update

These look to be the dates for Carnegie Spring 2006:

Work to be performed: Solemn Vespers (Mozart)
Date of Performance: Tuesday, May 9
Residency: May 6 - May 10

And . . . it isn't just college choirs: Church Choirs, High School, College, Community will be invited. If you have ideas, continue to turn them in.


Sarah LH said...

hey can you post us a recording of the Lux Aurumque? that would be swell.

Clayton said...

Sarah... I just have to say that I love your use of 1950's language. Of course im refering to "swell". I concure with your request for an uploading of Lux to this blog. Kevin has a copy of it and so do I (somewhere) so tell one of us if you need a copy. Have a Jim-dandy day!

Linc said...

clay said jim dandy