Thursday, January 13, 2005

Progress for the first two weeks

I'm feeling pretty good (today) about our progress on the music for the spring. Some specifics on the pieces we will be doing in France:

Selig sind die Toten: Very good work this week. Know from last year.
Ave Maria (Vytautas Miškinis): will most likely change for another piece
See What the End is Going to Be: Learned last semester

Alleluia: Learned last semester, will begin work again soon. (LEARN IT, new folks)
Der Tanz: Easy, will not be hard to learn.
Un hémisphère dans une chevelure: Notes are OK, recording French tomorrow with Dr. Mostellar.
He’s Got the Whole World: Learned last semester, worked with girls on Thursday.

Clap Your Hands: might change, but learned last semester
Salmo XLII: Learned last semester, will work in sectionals next week
Organ Fugue: we'll change this one for another work.

Richte mich, Gott: Great work on this one. Memory must begin soon.
Mate Saule: Some light work done on this one, but learned it last semester and Aaron May (Latvian language guy) comes to record tomorrow

Redz, kur jaja div' bajari: Good work on this one, and will record Latvian tomorrow.
Daniel Daniel Servant Of The Lord: We did this one last year. Jonathan McNeil has confirmed that he is going on the trip, so we will do it again. I picked this one with Jonathan in mind for the solo . . . just to let you know.

Talked with a guy about our Spring 2006 possibility again. Exciting.


Anonymous said...

Hey! This is Keith posting in the throws of a nasty head cold...

Please don't cut Clap Your Hands. I woke up to it playing on the radio in the middle of the night over the holidays and it has kind of crept into my soul now. I know I'm not going to France and that's what matters, but I'd like to sing it at least one more time in my life!

Katie Mo said...

I sang it last weekend to Daniel Walters at 12am in the parking lot of JSU. When I talk to people named Daniel, I feel the need to release it. It's so... ack. I love that song, I really do.
Also, Redz is totally awesome, it was like the one song I'd actually stop and listen to even though I knew I didn't have to know it last year. hehe.

Philip L. Copeland said...

On what radio station does Clap Your Hands play?

Anonymous said...

They played it on NPR (WBHM 90.3). They usually play classical music all night.

Nick said...

Dr. Copeland do you have a recording of "Ave Maria (Vytautas Miškinis)"? I loved hearing you guys rehearse it before Thanksgiving and would love a copy...just let me know...latuh

Anonymous said...

Hi there Dr. Copeland - Roger Priddle visiting from Perkinsfield ON, Canada (12f and snowing). This is a great use of the blog (and what an amazing choir you must have!!!)

I'm so jealous of your students - the repertoire sounds amazing and (though they probably don't appreciate it yet) they get to sing 3, 4 or 5 times a week.

To the Students: Maybe I'm out of line here, but it seems (based on the postings I read) that you really "get" the point of singing. It's not to impress the choir from California or a great mark (Sorry, Dr. Copeland) or to win a competition - it's for those rare moments when everything is "right" and your whole body knows it and the little hairs on the back of your neck go up and you end up smiling at everyone else because it was "right", because you did the best you could for the music, for the muse. It takes a lot of work, and some semesters it never happens at all but that's why we sing. And you guys seem to "get it". Now I'm jealous of Dr. Copeland (grin).

Ok, sorry for the interruption - we now return to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Philip L. Copeland said...


Roger, the gentleman that made the comment above and i have had several email exchanges over the past couple of days about blogging. I was glad that he sent a message to you here! He then sent me an email because he was afraid he'd overstepped his bounds . . . I thought you'd be interested in my response . . .


Thanks so much for visiting my site(s).

And yes, three beautiful girls have blessed my life in countless ways already.

I don't think you overstepped at all in commenting on my site--that is the purpose, to elicit all types of responses. The "rush" you talked about is part of the excitement in this blogging trend, I think. And all the world has access to your thoughts!

I just wanted you to know that I'm using the competition as a form of extrinsic motivation . . . my primary goal is to give them exactly what you described: something they can take with them for the rest of their life. However, the extrinsic tool (competition) is what I need now to make them get to work!

There is no doubt that I'd love to win the competition, but my primary goal is excellence . . . I'll be blogging about that someday soon.

One of the best things about this entire exercise is that it prompts me to flesh out my ideas into a printed form! I've been looking online to find something that speaks to how "competition" for groups inspires a quest for excellence. I've not been able to find anything yet . . . .

So I'll write my own .. . and I'm sure it is actually part of my personal "credo" or "personal mission statement."

Thanks again for your great comments. Please feel free to visit and comment anytime.

Charles said...

What about "joshua fit de battle", either one, or the moses hogan "elijah rock" to possibly replace "clap your hands," just a thought, i was listening to those earlier and thought about that, later

scivley said...

i looove moses hogan.