Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Time is Now to Prepare for Then


Hope you all "got" what I "meant" today at the beginning of rehearsal: the time to put in the effort is now, when we have enough time ahead of us to perfect and nuance our music.

On May 14, we will want to be as absolutely prepared as we can be. And it isn't just the people that are going to Europe that must work now . . . people that don't go to compete, if they don't work hard, will slow our progress and limit our full potential.

I am excited about this semester. It will be some hard work but all moments in our concerts will be thrilling . . . I'm convinced of it. You need to get excited by it. And you need to listen to your German recording.

Oh, and here is a hint about the other thing i referenced about a Spring 2006 possibility.


Clayton said...

OMG!!! Im so exited! It has been my DREAM to perform at carnegie hall every since I started singing. Im going to have to sell my body to afford to go after the France trip, but ill do it.

Oh and I have to pride myself for being the first comment on this post... HA!
God bless you all!

scivley said...

holy crap! that's exciting! and, yes, heard you loud and clear about now being the time to work... and i totally agree! *realizing that i might quite possibly be broke forever lol* All these trips are very exciting and a great sort of focal point for us to work towards, but it can be easy to say, "well.... we've got so many months. no big deal. we'll be fiiiiiine," (which is not a good way to think, btw). what we also should concider is that there is not a single one of us who is not a fantastical musician. improving our skills for our own purposes as well as for the collaborative effors of the choir as a whole can and by all means SHOULD be exciting NOW- even if we can't go on all the trips.
i know i'm harping on this because i'm such a bad procrastinator myself... lol "hi, my name is jennifer..." but seriously, kids, we're good now. think how good we could be if every one of us took like 10 minutes a day to look over our stuff ( and listen to our german recording, hint, hint!).
we should all take the personal responsibility upon ourselves. we are privileged to be a part of this choir- this team. we should make it a personal duty to contribute to it's betterment. GET EXCITED TODAY! ... TODAY!! (can you tell i have a jewish mother?) sorry for preaching (it is mostly to myself) but i wouldn't bother saying it if i didn't care.
love you all, my dears! peace and carrots.

Katie Mo said...


yeah baby, i know that joke! my hs choir almost got to sing there. and i thought if i heard that joke one more time, i would strangle some one. but hey, we need some jokes.
okay, so i don't make sense after one, whaddya want? :oP