Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A mini-vacation from me


Dr. Reynolds will be leading the combined choir for the next two rehearsals in preparation for Monday's King David. I know you will give him your best and I thank you ahead of time for the effort.

We'll return to normal rehearsal schedule next week and I'm already looking forward to it.

I think the sectional rehearsals have done a world of good and I anticipate breaking down into them more often as we continue this semester.

Work hard.



scivley said...

lol the DC threw me. My grandfather is Grandaddy DC. AAAAAAnyways, enjoy your break! Can't wait to get back to "normal" rehearsals!!

Clayton said...

Im ready to get back to our normal rehearsals. As much as I like the David piece, I feel anxious to begin working hard on the France music. VIVA LA FRANCE!

Katie Mo said...

I've been ready to get back to normal rehearsals for three weeks now.
It makes me lonely when we split up.
And now that they boys are back, there's still a huge void, Dr. C.
It's not choir without the dancing!
<3 Katie

Andrew G said...

I think everyone is ready to get back to normal rehearsals. We have worked that King David so much it is just like pulling teeth! ARGH! Just had to let off some steam. lol, Peace!
P.S.(Copeland, do you have a invites left to GMail? I would be honored if you sent one my way, thanx)