Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Making a Song Your Own

Somehow, I came upon this blog that was commenting on Ashlee Simpson's performance at the Orange Bowl last night.

I'm sorry I missed it, it must have been spectactular--as in perfectly awful.

In the comments section of the blog, one person responded about Kelly Clarkson's performance of The Star Spangled Banner:

Actually, there was a worse performance at this event.

The singing of the National Anthem (I think it was the National Anthem, the words were familiar although I didn't recognize many of the notes) by Kelly (Help, I can't find a note to hold) Clarkson was horrid. It wasn't quite as bad, though, as her "performance" of O Holy Night during a Christmas season show.

These idiot judges on American Idol, and such, praise these non-talents as "making the song their own." You don't make the National Anthem or O Holy Night "your own." You perform it with respect for the song, not some other worldly idea that your performance is more important than the song.
Just thought you might find that interesting--

For the record, I completely agree with the writer . . . the song is more important than the performance. As musicians, we must make interpretive decisions that enhance the value of the music . . . music is not a vehicle for notoriety . . . it's not about us.



Nick said...

wow...I felt bad for Ashlee because everyone cheered for Kelly Clarkson and then they called Ashlee Simpson and everyone booed...then when she sang there was a little roar and when she finished all you heard was a load BOO for like a minute from the was sad but really funny if you had previouly seen her walk off during the SNL incident...also the Star Spangled Banner was TERRIBLE...I felt like I was listening to Mariah Carey and Celine Dion being musically morphed during that song...anyhow it was a musically hilarious night and one of the biggest woodshed beatings I have ever seen...Auburn should have been there...peace

delia said...

charles and i turned it off when ashlee simpson came on, i cannot stand to hear her sing (i did not hear the national anthem though...i was at opera!)...sometimes i wonder what would happen if my sister and brother-in-law were famous, could i be famous too just because i am related...why dont these things ever happen to us???

BobW said...

Greetings from Minnesota, from a small church choir member who does not nickname himself "Froggybass" for nothing.
My Better Half favors the local Christian station for her morning listening; and it's amazing how many contemporary "artists" seem to assume they can do Watts better than Watts, Wesley better than Wesley, Bach better than Bach. And, during the recent Christmastide, Mendelssohn better than Mendelssohn, Handel better than Handel, Gruber & Mohr better than Gruber & Mohr.
When, when, when are we going to get it through our collective heads that making anything we haven't ourselves created "our own" involves more than just imposing our egos on it? The song is not only more important than the performence, it's more important than the singer.