Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Diction Time!!


Diction practice recordings for the French and Latvian pieces are online:

1. Un Hemisphere (Thanks to Dr. Mosteller)
2. Redz Kur (Thanks to Aaron May)
3. Mate Saule (Thanks to Aaron May)

A couple of notes on this:

1. Please show your appreciation to Dr. Mosteller. He didn't have to help us and I, for one, am extremely grateful.
2. Same goes for Aaron May (appreciation-wise), a current student here at UAB. Why don't you send Aaron a quick email and show your appreciation? goviite@yahoo.com

We are very appreciative to these two people.

The other important note on this: It is up to YOU to get to this diction. We are only as good as the time that you put into this!


Sarah LH said...

ok the latvian is excellent (!) but the french is indistinguishable.

Clayton said...

Its French!