Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Quinn says goodbye


Quinn is not with us this semester, I'm sorry to say. She sent me a wonderful email, part of which I will excerpt here:

To the choir:
I have enjoyed every minute of concert choir and it will really be a void in my life. I will miss performing as well as all of the wonderful friendships that I've made.
To me:
You have been a wonderful teacher and friend. I'll still be around and I hope I can come and sing with you guys some and I'll be at concerts for sure!!!! Thanks so much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.
To us both:
Choir has been a part of my life since the seventh grade, but it wasn't until your concert choir that it all came together and my true love for singing came out. It has been an honor to sing with such a talented group of musicians and have such a great teacher! I will miss each and every person.

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