Wednesday, January 26, 2005




Clayton said...

that was quick!

Erin said...

tried to listen, kept messing up...

delia said...

i almost feel out of the loop for not posting on my blog about the amazing song...i wanted to tell everyone whose blogs to check just incase some of you have not read the great posts on this far i have found erin, clay, and charles...its really interesting to read everyone's opinion on this song...copeland, you could use this in you speech...just a thought...night

EricWhitacre said...

Hey gang,

First off, let me begin by saying that you are by far the hippest choir I've ever seen. The blog is genius, and to read the way that all of you have connected through it is inspiring and heartwarming.

Delia wrote to me to let me know that you were performing my "Lux", and I just wanted to drop a note aand tell you all thank you. Thank you for bringing such obvious passion and artistry to the music, and thank you for giving so bravely of your souls.

She had asked me to talk about why I had written the piece, and I'm afraid that I don't have an answer. Everytime I try and put my process into words, it breaks down and becomes something else. All I can tell you is that the music SOUNDS to me exactly the way I FEEL.

Warm regards to all of you, and again, many thanks for singing Lux. And if the Carnegie thing doesn't work out(bravo, Maestro!), I'd like to personally invite you all to come and sing some of my music and the Mozart Requiem with me at my festival in China in summer 2006. You are EXACTLY the sort of souls with whom I would love to make music.

Cheers, and word up,
Eric Whitacre