Tuesday, February 15, 2005

12 Weeks: Contributors and Dead Weight

Tonight, Leigh and I watched an Oprah show. Now, we don't watch Oprah much. Actually, I never watch Oprah.

However, Leigh has started US on an exercise routine that is supposed to culminate in a better you at the end of 12 weeks. This guy, Bob Greene, talked a little about why 12 weeks was a good time period . . . he said things about how that amount of time was the "perfect" time for humans to really focus on a goal.

Guess how many weeks until the competition?

13 weeks from Friday. When you factor Spring Break into it, that gives us the magic number.

We have a diverse group of singers in our choir. I am convinced that every singer in our choir has the ability and potential to be outstanding in every way.

It seems that we are coming to a point in our organization when people need to step up their efforts to achieve their potential.

Translation: Some of you need to get with the program, and I don't mean the Bob Greene version. We are quickly approaching the time when you are either working with the group to achieve something wonderful or you are working against the group and holding us back.

My advice: GWTP. NOW.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Keith posting:

All you’z guy’z going to France... you’ll need luggage! I work at Rosenberger’s! I sale luggage and travel supplies! Especially things you never thought of like power converter kits and Id/Passport wallets. Come in and I’ll sale you a Hartmann case for a cool $685 bucks or more. Seriously, if anybody is thinking about getting a new set for this trip and you trust me, lemme know and I’ll get you some information about different brands and stuff we carry and bring it to practice for you.

Clayton said...

Thanks Keith!
I do need some help with choosing some luggage. I need one carry on size that I could fit a change of clothes into, your regular carry on gear and possibly a laptop into. I also would like one piece of luggage big enough to store all of my clothes and gear into. Thanks bud! Go Baritones! Whew!