Saturday, February 19, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

This reviewer said it best: I deem a movie to be worthwhile if I need time to recover after seeing it. Million Dollar Baby is such a film. It does not easily release the viewer, and it demands a time of reflection and contemplation afterwards.

It was a great movie and I highly recommend it. Not a modern day Rocky movie at all . . . and it does take you a while to recover afterwards.

There is a great poster on the gym wall in this movie with a phrase that goes something like this:

Winners simply do what losers don't want to do. (or something like that) It is a great quote and one we can learn from. (the quote looks to be derived from this one by Albert Gray: Winners have simply formed the habit of doing things losers don't like to do..

Do yourself a favor. Go see this movie.

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Nick said...

Im gonna trust you on this one and go see it...You should go see THE is an awesome movie...nice quote on my post by the way...later