Sunday, February 06, 2005

LA was great BHM is better

Greetings once again!

A few short notes:
It is great to be home. The 2005 ACDA convention is now history. I'm glad I went, and my presentation went well.

Best choir that I heard: BYU.
Great choirs that I didn't hear, according to other attendees: Iowa, Norwegian Women.
Maybe St. Olaf was good on Saturday night, didn't hear them or anything about them.

The best part about coming home was to be with the girls again. We've had a great time today catching up on the playtime that we missed.

The next best part will be to rehearse my choirs once again, and to listen to what Dr. Jordan did last week. Can't wait!


Kevin Beck said...

How did LSU and Louisville sound?

Nick said...

Hey, glad to hear you and Leigh had a good time...wish I had gotten to hear BYU and Iowa State...also im glad your presentation went well...i talked to a lot of people this week and they loved doc and said choir was a lot of fun...although i did hear a story about maggie which was rather funny...something about how he has a dog named maggie...well i wasnt there but it sounded like a typical doc moment...anyways glad yall got back and i hope the girls are finally well so you play with them and have a good week...

Clayton said...

Welcome Back Copeland!
Cant wait till choir on tuesday!

Dr. B said...

Dear UAB Choirs,

Greetings from Tennessee! Some of you may know my name from the top right corner of "Irish Blessing" which you performed last year. (Or was it the year before? Time flies when you're having fun....)

First of all, I wanted to say what a MARVELOUS job you did with my piece. Dr. Copeland sent me the MP3, and I think it's absolutely stunning. I wrote the piece during my first year at Lambuth University (now in my tenth year). It later occurred to me that our alma mater provided a perfect segue, so we now perform both at all our concerts. "Irish Blessing" was one of those pieces that came very easily to me...other compositions have been more of a struggle. Finding a good text is always the hardest part--and I'm always looking for ideas, so feel free to fire away with any suggestions! (e-mail is

Second, I love the blog idea! I'm doing a music technology workshop at TMEA this spring (geared more towards MIDI and digital audio editing) and attended Dr. Copeland's workshop at ACDA LA. Building community is an important part of my choral philosophy, so I'm starting up a blog for my choirs. I'll pass along the link to Dr. Copeland as things develop.

You have a fabulous ensemble, and I love to see how engaged you are in the educational process through your blog. Bravo!

Best wishes,
Dr. Ross C. Bernhardt
Chair, Dept. of Music
Director of Choral Activities
Lambuth University