Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar Thoughts

Leigh and I are having a great time watching the Oscar's.

No choir thoughts, just movie star watching . . . comments that need to be said:

1. Way to go Hillary Swank. My hero.
2. Sean Penn is an idiot.
3. P. Diddy is a bigger idiot. I've never seen a guy that has a higher opinion of himself.
4. Was Beyonce lipsyncing?
5. Loved the tribute to Johnny Carson.
6. YoYoMa and tribute to actors who passed away very touching.
7. Loved Jamie Foxx with daughter. And he won! Just won. Classy. But what about Clint? Oh well . . . didn't see Ray but I really like Jamie Foxx and the Ray Charles legacy.
8. Loved the Oprah/John Kerry comment.
9. Loved the tribute Jamie Foxx gave Sydney Poitier. And wow . . . honoring his grandmother. Leigh cried.
10. Julia Roberts . . . now a mother of multiples.
11. Clint Eastwood . . . way to go Clint! Glad i saw this movie. if you haven't seen it . . go! And he honors his mom . . . at 96. wow.
12. Enough of a choir director's view of the movies. Learn the French piece!


Clayton said...

I didnt get to watch the Oscars. I was too busy ... learning... the um... French piece.

Nick said...

you stole my thoughts on the Oscars...I decided to watch since I saw both the aviator and million dollar baby...anyhow the sean penn moment was a ridiculous attempt at upstaging...i did think it was a dry night...i didnt like chris rock so much...anyhow good luck with Le Nozze di soon

Charles said...

Did anybody else catch the comment by (I forget who it was)? It was very poignant I thought. He was presenting for best original score, and he said, "Music heightens every emotion." Amen.

Katie Mo said...

Johnny Depp was robbed.
I don't know if you saw Finding Neverland, but there's a sob story for when the mood strikes.

Nick said...

i feel i should clarify...i meant dry because it was pretty boring until the last hour...and I wish they would bring back Billy Crystal...also Katie I am going to see that looked great...ok back to paperwork

Ryan Kelly said...

1. Swank? Um, ok. I'm abivalent.
2. Yes. Him, and Streisand, and Robbins, and Sarandon, and...I digress.
3. :D
4. Beyonce should change her name to "Begone,See?"
5. Carson - that was fun.
6. Yep
7. I missed Ray, but saw Collateral. A good movie.
8. Oprah, John Kerry. Yaeh, she's next on the list after Theresa kicks the bucket.
10. Julia Roberts - add her to my list with Sarandon and Streisand.
11. Eastwood - a quality actor and film maker, though I didn't see "MDB" and really have no interest in its content.
12. From an unrelated choir director to your choir members: LEARN THE FRENCH PIECE!!!!!!!

Leah said...

Ok, for me, the height of the Oscars was seeing Emma Rossum, who played Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera. I'm not sure if her voice type fit the role, but I loved hearing her sing. I was happy when that old guy (with the funny glasses) who won some award acknowledged his wife of "fifty-two and a half years". Now, how often does anything last in Hollywood? I thought that was so cool!

The worst thing about the Oscars was Natalie Portman's and Hillary Swank's dresses. Man, those were so ugly. And to think that those things are worth 100's of 1000's of $$$. What a let-down.