Monday, February 28, 2005

Choir blogs spreading . .


You might want to take a visit to the Kilgore College Choir blogs and welcome them into the blogging world. The director just started a couple. (he had posted a question about blogs/forums on the ACDA website)


I also found one that started one after the ACDA LA convention . . . can't remember where i saw it, though. (found it!)

Also saw one here, but it is more political in nature than musical! And the director seems to hate republicans and our president. I refrained from commenting on the posts although it was difficult!


Ryan Kelly said...


I loved your comments about the polical-blog..."I refrained from commenting..."

I'm liking you more and more already! You're talking to a die-hard 2nd Ammendement supporting, pro-homeschooling Republican!


Thanks for the links to our blogs.

Leah said...

As a homeschool veteran (aka graduate) I totally agree that homeschooling rocks!
...When I was in 10th grade, I had to write a paper on gun control and the 2nd amendment. I found an interesting quote by Adolf Hitler to the effect that if you want total control of a nation, take away the people's means of protecting themselves. Very scary indeed.

Jocelyn Lavin said...

I have a choir blog that I started earlier this year. Not a college choir though, so the tone is somewhat different. But if you're interested, it's here.

Leon Tosi said...

Wishing you all the best!

Jane S said...

I just found this blog by accident. Enjoying reading about the tour! Two other choir blogs are and Happy reading!