Thursday, February 10, 2005

Pep talks

Eleven comments on my previous post; and one from Leah! That makes twice that she's spoken out today!

Some are referring to a "pep talk" that I gave last semester.

Actually, I don't really give pep talks, I just speak from my heart/mind/soul and trust that what I say/feel/think connects with you.

Just so you know, I was very pleased with choir rehearsal today. The extra 5-10 minutes that the choir put forward in looking over the text of Redz Kur before rehearsal paid off in a stunning performance, even during a rehearsal period.

My, what we would be if everyone knew their part intimately! And we will, soon.

Remember what we learned today: as a group, we sounded fabulous. When I broke it down to the individual level, it wasn't solid. When the parts are solid in every soul that sings, we will be a tremendous choir.

We will continue to test; it does what it needs to do.

Our next test comes Saturday, when we sing for people who know what singing is all about. I already know that we will do a good job . . . but greatness will only come from knowing and performing from that intimate level of music making--with our bodies, minds, souls, and faces.

I can't wait.

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