Friday, February 11, 2005

Honor Choir Order

Call Time: Saturday, Feb. 11th, 2:00, choir room

  • Selig sind (Schutz)
  • Lux Aurumque (Whitacre)
  • Richte mich, Gott (Mendelssohn)
  • Redz Kur (Kalnins)
  • See What the End is Going to Be (Staheli)

See you there!


Katie Mo said...

Saturday the 12th.
it's my birthday!

Anonymous said...


I just found this cool website for a band called Pinataland. They take unusual historic recordings and make songs out of them. Here is a link to their listening page. I especially like Devil's Airship and 1939.

If that doesn't work just try going to the main site and scroll down to the link

JessieSue said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear katie, happy birthday to you!!!!

Katie Mo said...

I've been meaning to do this, and no one goes to my blog, so here ya go! maybe people will find this now. I think birthdays are very important, it's kinda my thing. so. here ya go! if i'm missing anyone, they need to give it to me!

7 - Leah Hains
9 - Bekajoy Smith
14 - Clay Rector
17 - Dolly Parton
31 - Dr. Philip Copeland
31 - Wes Edgar

1 - Keith Kendrick
10 - Maggie Hendricks
12 - Katie Movelle
23 – Leigh Copeland

we have no March birthdays!?!?! so I had to create one:
10 – Gwen Stefani

14 - Anthony Concepcion

7 - Meghan Granlund
7 - Charles Henry
7 - Waylon Hinkle
8 - Menterro Hambrick
12 - Chris Reid
14 - Lauren Askew
17 - Andrew Granlund
19 - Rachel Hicks
22 – Jennifer Scivley
23 - Zach Hill
25 - Chris Carter
30 - Sarah Labriola

3 - Erin Pair
8 - Amanda Gorsuch
9 - Johnny Depp
12 - Claire, Caroline, and Catherine Copeland!!!
14 - Kristina Banks
18 - Paul McCartney

4 - David Berg
13 - Francesca Rosko (she still counts.)
13 - Lindsey Wooley
18 - Jessie Brown
19 - Robin Diggs
23 - Kevin A. Beck (that’s how he signed my sheet, hehe)
31 - Harry Potter

5 - Jonathan McNeil
19 - Carlee Jackson

13 - Lauren Davidson

9 - Evan Long
11 - Patrick Williams
20 - Tara Valentine Howard
30 - Katie Fussell

2 - Joshua Noland
22 - Mark Howard

2 - Delia Charest
2 - Megan Ramsey
15 - Claire Bourgeois
25 - Jesus
28 - Lauren Stephens
30 - Linc Parrott

Leah said...

Cool--my birthday is the first one of the year! But, you forgot Dr. Reynold's birthday. If he found out that you forgot (or simply didn't know), he wouldn't EVER let you live it down! His b'day is January 5th (so I'm not really first anymore-*phooh*) Next time you see me, you can thank me for saving your life ;-)

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday! So is this your 20th? If so, then whoa--it's hard to believe that you're not a teenager anymore. But then, it's hard for me to believe that I still AM. All of us have passed the "I am sixteen going on seventeen" age, which is what I always pictured teenage-hood to be like. Now that I'm older than that, I just don't feel like a teenager anymore.

Well, I didn't mean to steal the limelight. I can say strange things when I stay up past my bedtime. I'm sure the extent of that will be determined in France when we're all experiencing jet-lag, LOL. Again, Happy Birthday! All right, I'll shut up now.

Katie Mo said...

haha well when Dr Reynolds finds out who I am, he can hunt me down.

What about Ms Reynolds?

delia said...

katie you have too much time on your hands...