Thursday, February 24, 2005

midsemester blog drought

Apologies for the recent pause in blogging.

Enjoyed clay's recent post. It seems that all the UAB choir bloggers have taken a break; I guess school is getting to everyone. Now is the time to persevere, I guess.

At least February is nearly over. March and April will fly, and then we travel to France.

The highpoint of my week: two evening meals from PFChang.


Clayton said...

Hey! Thanks for reading the blog. I really had to force myself to write the past couple of posts. School is weighing down and Choir is not as peaceful and relaxing as it was a couple of weeks ago. Thats a good thing though. We are getting alot of great work done. I feel like we are a little ahead of schedule. I dont know if you feel that way. Anyway, Francesca always updates her blog on a regular basis. Shes the only one I can count on for some quality reading everyday. See ya in Choir!

delia said...

things are just absolutely insame right now, i know you know what i mean...maybe itll ease my stree if i write...maybe ill do that now...