Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lux defined

Found a great Latin dictionary site and used it to dissect Lux. Read about it and see if it gives you other images and other interpretations besides the one we already have.

Lux: light, daylight, light of day; (prima luce => at daybreak); life; world; day;
Calida: warm, hot; fiery, lusty; eager, rash, on the spot; having a warm climate/place
Gravisque (gravis): heavy; painful; important; serious; pregnant; grave, oppressive, burdensome;
Pura: pure, clean, unsoiled; free from defilement/taboo/stain; blameless, innocent; chaste, unpolluted by sex; plain/unadulterated; genuine; absolute; refined; clear, limpid, free of mist/cloud; ringing (voice); open (land); net; simple;
Velut: just as, as if;
Aurum: gold (metal/color), gold money, riches
Canunt: sing, celebrate, chant; crow; recite; play (music)/sound (horn); foretell;
Angeli: angel; messenger
Moliter: It may be two words written together mol + iter
calmly/quietly/softly/gently/smoothly/easily; w/out pain/anger/harshness; weak
iter: journey; road; passage, path; march
natum: born, arisen; made; destined; designed, intended, produced by nature; aged
modo: only, merely; just now/recently, lately; presently;


Sarah LH said...

could have told you that

Anonymous said...

never allow modesty to be overshadowed by knowledge or ability...

Anonymous said...

he who tooteth not his own horn, the same goeth untooted

Philip L. Copeland said...

Who left the above two comments?

Anonymous said...

i thought YOU did!