Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ACDA isn't a competition, but . . . .

Luke posted this question to me in a comment to the previous post:
Basically, this long post is my forum for asking if UAB Concert Choir will compete at all this year. I know we have many things scheduled to showcase the choir, but any competitions? Just curious.
We won't officially be competing this year in a competition. However, the ACDA Convention in February will be an incredible forum to hear other choirs and to be heard by other choral musicians. We won't be able to hear other choirs perform before we sing, but there will be an opportunity after our concert to hear other choirs. (We sing on the first concert--we're the fourth choir in a set of four.)

The ACDA College Choral festival at Bluff Park was a great experience. For me, the regional convention will hold more intensity. My question: can our choir get as excited about the ACDA convention as we were about singing for the other Alabama choirs? I will certainly do my best to have you prepared; there is no question that I will be motivated to do well.

The chance to sing for an audience of discerning choral directors is a bit intimidating, but the opportunity is something I've looked forward to for many years. If we can repeat our intensity of November's concert, I'll be more than happy. If we can exceed it, I'll be overwhelmed.

I'm looking to "officially" compete again next summer overseas.

Confidential to Luke: Why don't you delay your graduation for a year and sing with us then? I don't want to lose you--and you joined us too *(#&$@ late!

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