Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, Choir World

Happy Thanksgiving, readers of this blog!

I'm celebrating at home this year, because Claire is ill and Catherine seems to have a bit of a cold developing.

I'm very thankful for:

1. Fabulous family of my own
2. Loving Wife and Children
3. Terrific job and coworkers
4. An incredible choir and tremendous students
5. Life and Health and Music and Love

And for the nonmeateaters,

HAPPY TOFURKY DAY! Holidays need guilt, after all. As for me, I have enough guilt in my life this holiday.

fyi . . . i don't know who the turkeysmeller is. isn't google image search great?


Katie Mo said...

there is something WRONG with people who don't eat meat. It's too tasty.

Love = steak


Philip L. Copeland said...

I'm trying to harass Keith

scivley said...

"there is something WRONG with people who don't eat meat."

I’m probably not the best candidate to prove this wrong… (lol) but don’t knock the tofu till ya try it. It’s really not that bad.