Monday, November 28, 2005

O Magnum Mysterium

Some of you may remember a piece that Jacksonville State did at the College Choral Festival: O Magnum Mysterium by David Childs. Several of you commented to me about that piece and you may remember that I told you that I found one of their folders with the piece in it. (and no, i haven't mailed it back yet) (and yes, i will . . . eventually.)

Anyway, I'm planning on us performing the piece on the UAB Honor Choir concert with the UAB Honor Choir on Saturday, January 14. It's really an incredible work and very accessible. I've been playing through it tonight and I'm excited about learning it. (you can see it here and hear it here)

And yes, that's the day the rest of the world celebrates Clay's birth. Perhaps singing O Magnum Mysterium (O Great Mystery) will justly honor him.


Jenny H said...

We do not have women's choir on Nov. 30, right?

Clayton said...

Ha Haaaaa... Oh me.

Katie Mo said...

noooo! i HATED their arrangment! :(

Luke's Blog said...

I was looking around the blog and found the link to Lambuth University Choirs' blog. I read some very familiar commentary regarding their recent concert and even listened to some of the recordings. They are a good choir. This posting stimulated my memory and reminded me of how great it felt to sing with/to and hear fellow musicians at the festival. I am aware that it was not a competition, but as Charles mentioned, one cannot help but gain motivation and excitement to perfom their best after hearing other choirs sing. Basically, this long post is my forum for asking if UAB Concert Choir will compete at all this year. I know we have many things scheduled to showcase the choir, but any competitions? Just curious.

Brian said...

JeffState's Chamber Choir is performing a different arrangement of O Magnum Mysterium. We are performing the arrangement by Tomas Luis de Victoria. I believe that Chanticleer also performs this arrangement of O Magnum. I am sure that UAB will do justice to the song.

I look foward to hearing ya'll!

God Bless,
Brian Denton

Desta said...

The David Childs version is the best, and I'm pretty sure that's what it was. And so, I'm just gonna have to say it - Katie Mo, you have bad taste. Sorry. =/

Jamie said...

This is an AMAZING arrangement! The choir singing this is only decent though. They have terrible diction. I couldn't understand anything they were saying, and I know the words by heart. Also, the song was far too slow, and I don't like the women on the chant section. The audio quality is terrible as well.