Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Found: Ashley's Blog

Former incredible alto of the UAB Chamber Singers has a blog, and mentioned a challenge to me and my blog search tools today about "whether I could find her blog or not."

Here was her challenge:
I'm going to test something out. I've been keeping up with the UAB Concert Choir's blog (I'm a former member), and I am wanting to see if Dr. Copeland can find my blog. I'd like to be able to keep in contact with those that I sang with back in the day...maybe he'll put a link to my blog up on the UAB Concert Choir blog so that I can do that. Thanks, Dr. Copeland! :-)
I guess we settled that issue, didn't we Ashley?

Now, don't be confused. The girl in the picture above is not Ashley--but I couldn't find a picture of her on my computer and a Google Image Search picked up this picture of a girl named Ashley so I decided to use that.

Ashley is a tremendous Alto 2 that should be singing with UAB Choirs. She wants to be listed among the former members of the choir that blog . . . and I certainly hold her in high respect. You'll find her blog in the "former member blogs" . . . she is a special girl and tremendous musician. She graduated from MJ like many of our other fine students.

Do I miss her? Yes.
And I wish her well . . . .


Clayton said...

Oh! THAT Ashley! I read the reference to MJ and looked at the picture and thought "yeah, like 30 years ago". What up Ashley!

Ashley W said...

Hi, you guys!! Dr. Copeland, I'm sure you could have found a better picture of another Ashley somewhere! :-) Oh, I was looking through some pictures from the 2001 Madrigal Feast as well as from the first award ceremony at your house...I've got a couple of pictures of the whole Chamber Choir from that year on the steps in your house. I have doubles, so if you would like a copy, just let me know. Look forward to keeping up with everyone!