Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Compete for $13,000 in scholarships

Music Majors,

Please look at this letter and consider competing for these scholarships to be awarded by the Alabama Federation of Music Clubs. Live auditions will be on Saturday, February 18, 2006 at Birmingham Southern.

Some information and requirements:

1.The Alabama Federation of Music Clubs (AFMC) Annual Student Awards are given in seven Classifications: Piano, Organ, Woman’s Voice, Man’s Voice, Brass Instruments, Stringed Instruments, and Woodwind Instruments.

2.Each entrant must be a member of AFMC either through student organization membership or as an Individual Student Special member.

3.The age limits as of March 1, 2006 are:
Instrumental: 16 through 25
Voice: 18 through 25

4. Entrants must be native-born or naturalized citizens of the United States of America. An attested facsimile of birth certificate, passport, or naturalization papers must accompany each individual’s application. A driver’s license is not acceptable.

5. The candidate may enter the auditions in his/her home state or in the state where he/she is studying.

6. Former State winners are eligible to enter future auditions.

7. The entrance fee is $40.00. No refunds will be made.

8. No substitutions or changes can be made in the student program after the Auditions Chairman has approved the submitted repertoire.


Postmark Deadline: January 15, 2006***

Note: Application Forms and Repertoire Requirements may be downloaded from the NFMC website:
{Please note the new entry fee is $40, not $30 as listed on the NFMC form. Checks are to be made out to: Alabama Federation of Music Clubs}

***Send 2 copies of the audition application form, 5 copies of the repertoire list of selections being performed, proof of citizenship, and check to:

Jan Hill, Auditions Chairman
1503 Wellington Road
Birmingham, AL 35209

(Phone: 205-871-1532 Email: or

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. C.,
is this only for music majors...or can anyone sign-up for this?