Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Upcoming Performances after Messiah

Don't forget about these performances in January:

Saturday, January 14
UAB Honor Choir Performance

I noticed that the MLK concert was not on the original dates that I gave you. However, we are nearly two months away from the concert, so consider yourself adequately notified! I'm very excited about the MLK concert and the opportunity to sing for a different audience. I'm most excited, however, about singing "If I Can Help Somebody" in honor of the person that I associate with the work:

January 15, 2006; 3 p.m.
Reflect & Rejoice: A Community Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Alys Stephens Center

A moving musical tribute to one of our nation’s most respected and beloved leaders presented by the ASO, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the Alys Stephens Center.


Clayton said...

Not to "shadow" the Honor Choir performance or anything, but January the 14 is the commemoration of my birth. I know its right after Christmas and everything, but dont forget to save some money for your friends and familys gifts after you buy mine.




Marybeth Verchot said...

Dr. Copeland;

Scott Robertson told me something today that reminded me strongly of you. During choir practice this evening, he informed me out loud that he sat on the floor outside of Dr. Mathes' office this morning at 8:30 through my entire 30 minute lesson without my knowledge.

So you and he have the whole "stalking Marybeth" tendancy in common, and I just thought you might be interested to know.